Will the World Fall for Yet Another Coverup of These Criminals?

BP said on Monday that seepage near the damaged Gulf oil well was unrelated to the massive oil leak that has at least temporarily been capped.

Shares in BP plc dropped by more than 6 percent after engineers had detected seepage on the floor of the Gulf but recovered in late trading as soon as BP had crafted and through state-of-the-art “news management” spread their own version of the news. (At least one thing seems state of the art at BP, then.) The seepage was detected right after the well was quickly-and-dirtily capped by BP ignoring yet another set of safety instructions on how to proceed with that operation on Thursday.

A BP spokesperson claimed, “Scientists have concluded that the seep was naturally occurring.”

But White House energy adviser Carol Browner said, the seepage was found less than two miles from the well.

What a coincidence.

The worst oil spill in history has caused an environmental as well as economic disaster in five U. S. states along the Gulf Coast.

So, who would you believe; the lying dictators at BP who are constantly bending rules, breaking laws, ignoring safety instructions and have a vested interest in a certain version of the “truth” or some obviously better-qualified scientists around the officials of an elected, law-abiding government? It is obvious that BP are using the relative calm of the current situation to spread the kind of news they may later need in case the still existing risk of another oil seepage or even a methane eruption materialises.