German Police Abducts Children into Re-Education, China-Style

On August 29,  a  total of 20 armed officers stormed a family home in Darmstadt, Germany. During the brutal raid, all four children of the Wunderlich family residing in that home were forcibly taken. The parents were informed that they would not see their children again any time soon. The children were then grabbed by armed police officers and forcibly carried away. Their whereabouts were not disclosed to the parents.

To be clear from the beginning, the children are not juvenile criminals, haven’t stolen nor done anything wrong, neither are the parents under any criminal investigation. Still, German officials treat them like terror suspects, infringe on their and their children’s Human Rights (in multiple ways), and wrongfully imprison four innocent children who may never recover from this kind of trauma. Both of the parents and all four of their well-educated children are devastated after the assault on their family.

Underlying this tragic story is Germany’s ban on homeschooling. Homeschooling is universally seen as a fundamental Human Right and acknowledged in most countries of the world (with infamous exceptions being a handful of rogue regimes and, or rather, such as Sweden after its abrupt change of the national school law in 2010 and Germany). Germany’s ban on homeschooling dates back to Nazi regulations from 1938, it violates the UN Declaration of Human Rights (Article 26), and UN officials have repeatedly voiced concern over the country’s stubborn stand on the matter. It also contradicts Germany’s constitution itself (Article 6 Paragraph 2 of the German Grundgesetz), but the original constitutional guarantee has been bended and re-defined over time and superseded by cases and local Länder-regulations (which is systematically incoherent) so that courts in Germany now hold that “everything is fine” and that “good Germans” are at their best when put in that country’s mediocre schools. Germany regularly ranks very low in OECD reviews on school quality (PISA survey).

The Wunderlich children will now be held under arrest by German “Jugendamt” authorities at a place unknown in order to be fed that country’s inferior schooling instead of an individually tailored education of (undisputed even by officials involved in the case) higher quality by their parents. The advantages of home education over one-size-fits-all offerings in public schools that include bullying, peer pressure, and all sorts of anti-social influences, are widely known among psychologists and educators internationally. Homeschooled children very often excel, and independent studies as well as university admission tests regularly find homeschoolers superior to their public-school peers. The outcome of forceful re-education according to the country’s low standards in  its public schools will bear heavily on the Wunderlich children, as will the traumatization by last week’s experience.

Officials should be held accountable under Art 34 of the German constitution and section 839 of the Civil Code pertinent to government wrongdoing and sentenced to financial compensation, although the non-monetary damage cannot be undone anyway.

Last week’s incidents in Germany are disturbingly reminiscent of Chinese re-education campaigns as well as Germany’s own policy of “Germanisation” of children during the 1930s. In light of Germany’s infamous past, the country would be well-advised to adhere to general Human Rights standards, in particular parental rights including the right to homeschool or chose an education for their children in any other reasonable way.

German officials’ acting severely violates the rights of the children and will achieve quite the opposite of their “wellbeing”. The immense funds cash-strapped Germany puts into “social services” including public schools and “Kindertagesstätten” (called Kitas) or publicly funded nursery homes for children of working parents should be saved in the first place and returned to over-taxed German citizens. What’s more, these goings-on in a supposedly “civilised” country contradict the very purpose of civilisation. Civilisation is a system whereby individuals may work together for their mutual survival and well-being. In this context, governments only exist for the protection of the people and their lives and rights. People do not exist to protect governments and their rights. This all-important key to understanding the relationship between government and people has been reversed and redefined by Germany’s horrific action.