Company Mission: Supporting Liberty and a stable society by Saving the Middle Class and Personal Wealth in uncertain times.

Assets or wealth need to be protected or they’ll disappear. In a developed, stable society, the largest total amount of assets is owned by a broad middle class. By contrast, in a dictatorship or a junta-controlled country most of a country’s assets are owned by a closed elite group of rulers depriving the general population of the fruits of their individual labor and the economy in general. Asset protection helps safeguarding the wealth and overall interests of the middle class which is crucial for a free society and a country worth living in.

Strategies of legally protecting assets are, therefore, as legitimate as any other job-creating and wealth-producing business activity — and we’d better think twice before falling for ridiculous claims by the masses of generally “greedy capitalists”.

Rather than individual actors inside the system — some of whom may actually be greedy, but the vast majority of honest entrepreneurial capitalists are not –, the entire current system of increasing state-control, bureaucracy and planned-economy ingredients (“managerial capitalism” or bureaucrat-controlled economy) needs to be reversed into a free market system with the inherent checks and balances to remedy what’s perceived as “evil capitalism” by a large group of people in the street today.

Long-time advocates of free-markets, and the Austrian School of economics, we believe in competition among monetary systems and a de-nationalisation of money.

All sorts of views and different sets of information are necessary for free markets to function and actors in both markets and the political system arrive at reasonable decisions. On that basis, they can formulate requests for all sorts of personal freedom or Liberty as inputs into the political system accordingly.