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“Money is the root of all evil”. This s just another favorite of the press and uneducated school teachers alike.

When it comes to checking backgrounds and sources, it’s also easy to find out that there is no word of “money” being the root of all evil in the Bible but rather that the uncontrolled love of money is. So the one above is actually another sample of taking a quote out of context as usually found in leftie-blogs, public schools and today’s mass media — nothing more, nothing less.

Much rather, money is a tool. In your life, you are exposed to this tool — like it or not, but it might appear smart learning how to use it and to get some background information about it. You are, then, less likely to be fooled by ignorant or intentionally misleading contemporaries.

Markets are platforms on which transactions are performed, usually involving money today (barter in earlier times).

Money and markets influence every-day life, people, politics. Therefore, manipulating money or markets means forcing one’s will upon others.

Long-time advocates of free-markets, and the Austrian School of economics, we believe in competition among monetary systems and a de-nationalisation of money.

That way, the market will show whether or not paper currencies that can be printed without control and out of “love” for certain expensive ways of life (and D.C. insiders’ government programs) are suitable for a sustainable economy or if, rather, some sort of sound money is.

Reinstating a Sound Money system, utilizing a private and precious metals-based GoldSilverGiroNet payment system, and providing a reliable store of value, as supported by our website and sister websites, are all part of a wider Asset Protection strategy. A strategy applying the lessons of history and political science alike. A strategy that goes beyond just some private-client service and helps stabilizing entire countries and societies by ensuring the existence of a strong middle class.