Should I Buy Vaulted Allocated Gold or Silver?

Whether or not buying and holding vaulted allocated gold or silver is right for you, depends on your investment plan and strategy. Externally vaulted precious metals are professionally secured against theft, civil unrest, war etc., and they become your personal property allocated in a vault somewhere (usually with a choice of different locations). Vaulted allocated precious metals ownership is also both very easy to establish and to get rid of. For a cost-effective, trustworthy and professional operator, you may want to check out BullionVault by clicking here and reading about their very straightforward procedures.

BullionVault allows you to trade both gold and silver in increments of 1 gram with a minimum volume of, again, just 1 gram.

If you want to secure yourself against systemic risk and counterparty risk, then vaulted allocated gold and silver holding is not an appropriate solution, for — although it involves physical ownership and the bullion you buy becomes your actual property — it still requires both a functioning infrastructure and a counterparty that continues to be in business for you to get your money back again.

So it is a matter of cost assessment whether or not you want to go for vaulted allocated precious metals.

Taking physical delivery is (theoretically) possible but is severely limited by very stringent requirements and minimum amounts (usually in the range of central bank gold bars of 400 ounces).