Apple Pushing a Proprietary Payments System for iOS

Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) have removed a number of Bitcoin-related iOS applications from their proprietary online App Store. While in some cases, Apple failed to even give a proper reason for their move, other app developers have received notifications from Apple , Inc. that Bitcoin payment functionality, in a stricter sense, needed to be removed for apps to stay “acceptable” for Apple’s platform.

The measure taken by Apple, Inc. has resulted in the extinction of usable payment applications for Bitcoin on Apple iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Only a few apps that show just Bitcoin wallet balances or general prices on Bitcoin exchanges continue to be “permissible” for Apple. The company have, therefore, censored all truly useful Bitcoin applications for the widely used Apple devices out of existence.

This kind of corporate policy has infuriated a large number of mobile device users. As a short-term result, a number of fixes for the problems caused by unavailable official App Store programs supporting full Bitcoin payments functionality have already appeared. Most prominent among these is … These are only functional on jail-broken iOS devices though. (“Jail breaking” means removing existing and re-installing modified versions of the operating system onto original devices in order to circumvent DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) technologies present in standard Apple items.)

Apple, Inc. have a vested interest in electronic payments systems. The reason for Apple fighting Bitcoin is that the company appears to be determined to introduce their own payments system for Apple mobile devices. Apple’s planned system is said to be designed for PoS payments (point-of-sale payments) and to also be suitable for small or micro payments useful, for example, for downloading music or movies from Apple’s proprietary iTunes platform.

Forcing users to not use Bitcoin seems to be “okay” then for a large corporation trying to, obviously increasingly desperately, introduce something they see as the next big thing into the market predominantly for their own good, not the users’ who would certainly benefit much more from using low-cost and reliable Crypto currency payments such as Bitcoin.