Strauss-Kahn and The World Capital of Unfriendliness

If anything, recent incidents around Dominique Strauss-Kahn arrested in New York City on charges of
sexually assaulting a hotel maid highlights that particular city’s notorious role as the world’s Capital of

Authorities in the Big Apple seem all too willing to presume the, quite frankly, reasonably unthinkable. Either out of all the dirt they’re working in day in and day out or because of some kind of under-class jealousy of a prominent figure, they seem all too willing to treat a wealthy suspect particularly bad and enjoy his detainment on Rikers Island.

Mr Strauss-Kahn, as anyone else suspected of a crime, has the right to be presumed innocent unless
and until proven guilty. The American mass media though are fast to rush in and, with their disgusting
world-improver faces, “report” on the “story” in a tone and voice that does not leave any doubt about their
either considering him guilty just because it helps brushing up their mediocre presentations or flat-out not
care about his guilt or innocence at all. Either way, their true colours shine through and we can see their
real faces. They could not be any lower.

Most importantly, the first “mistake” in the entire affair — no matter whether or not those outrageous
accusations hold true — has been on the maid’s part when illegally entering a luxury suite that was
occupied. The sex-and-crime media was very fast to greedily and jealously point out the $3000-a-night
price tag that comes with that particular suite. However, nobody seems to care that the mere fact of a
$3000 rate makes it even more outrageous that a “tiny little” mistake like unlawfully popping in on
someone who happened to be naked in his — paid for and, thus, very lawfully occupied — hotel suite and
shower in the first place.

On top, it sheds a peculiar light on a hotel to have their top-rate luxury suites serviced by some dubious
minimum wage characters who do not possibly provide that kind of quality expected at these rates and,
what’s more, may be all too willing to prop up their meager salaries by blackmailing a publicly-known
figure they run into or probably even collude with someone running a smear campaign of their own against
that particular person. Donimique Strauss-Kahn is not Joe the Plumber but is more likely to be a victim of
a plot for not having him elected in far away France. In any way, at $3000 a night, a better sort of
housekeeping quality should be expected, and we would be curious to hear Sofitel’s explanation of their
way of doing buisiness.

We at have done our bit of travelling and housekeepers busting in on patrons is
an all-too-common situation from cheap motels or cabins on a ferry liner to higher-end accomodation, but
we frankly do not know how a hotel like the NYC Sofitel manages to stay in business offering that kind of
“quality” at these prices.

Maybe, this is just the kind of service you get when lodging at $3000 per night in New York City: armed
guards and a forced trip to Riker’s Island included.

With new rumours and “details” from “sources close to president Sarkozy” surfacing of alleged previous
actions by Strauss-Kahn back in France, it is hard to know just what to believe. However, this is precisely
the reason why, at criminal law, there is a Presumption of Innocence, and why the media better obey this

Unless Mr Strauss-Kahn is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, an apology along with shouldering
the hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expense incurred plus compensation for damage suffered
would be in order on Sofitel’s part.